Speaking Topics

Lessons from the Vine

Each session is approx. 60 minutes in length. The sessions can be taught independently or as a series of sessions.

The Lessons from the Vine series takes a fresh look at a well-know passage, John 15: 1-11. Kimberly shares how the literal physiological growth of the vine, through the three seasons of the vineyard, mirrors the Spiritual growth of believers in Jesus Christ. This teaching will give you a deeper understanding of how to truly abide with Christ.

  • The Growing Season – learn the history of the vine imagery in the Old and New Testament as well as an understanding of how God’s pruning and stressing in our lives produces the best fruit.
  • The Harvest Season – learn about the anatomy of the fruit, and its connection to the fruits of the Spirit. Also, follow the journey of the fruit as it is crushed to make wine, a beautifully symbolic representation of the Spiritual sacrifice of Jesus and of those who follow Him.
  • The Dormant Season – learn about the physical healing that happens to the vine during dormancy and how that correlates to the necessary work that God does in us through the “winter seasons” of our lives.

A Firm Foundation*

Session is approx. 60 minutes in length.

No building can withstand the stresses and forces of the world if it doesn’t have a good foundation. The same is true for us! In this interactive and engaging session, Kimberly Pino will take you through the answers to three fundamental questions:

  • How Does God See You?
  • How Do You See Yourself?
  • How Do Others See You?

No matter how long you have been following Jesus, 50 days or 50 years, this teaching will help to reinforce your spiritual foundation.

* This session includes an interactive craft that is engaging for pre-teens and women of all ages.

Custom Messages

Kimberly is a life-long learner and welcomes the opportunity to dive into God’s Word in order to create a message that would fit your organization’s need. Of course, this takes advance notice and planning. She would love to connect with you and discuss the possibilities!